Mailbox Maintenance

Each individual homeowner is responsible for the upkeep of their mailbox. The mailbox is part of a home package at Palencia, and any questions relating to the installation, warranty, and repair should be directed to the builder. Over time, each mailbox becomes weathered and can be easily cleaned with mild dish soap and water to remove any mildew build-up. Mailboxes and hardware (screws) shall be free of rust and can be spot-painted with semi-gloss spray paint to match the existing finish.  If the numbers are missing from the Contemporary White mailbox, you can purchase the original “Casablanca” font numbers from Southern Woods, phone 904-733-1828, at a total cost of $21.20 ($20.00 + tax), and can be handled through the mail. If the numbers are missing from the Victorian Black mailbox, you can purchase replacement 3” brass numbers from Atlantic Powder Coating, phone 904-724-2422 at a cost of $10.00 per number and can be handled through the mail.  Regardless of either style, numbers shall be displayed on both sides of the mailbox. 

Mailbox posts shall be vertical and placed so that the tip of the opened mailbox door is 41-45 inches directly above the curb, according to U.S. Postal Service Regulations.  Mailboxes are most often hit by vehicles when they are not placed in accordance with code.  Should you need mailbox repair or replacement, the following vendors are aware of the Palencia mailbox standard:

Mailbox Vendors   Phone   Contact
Southern Woods - White Only   (904) 733-1828   David Graves
Atlantic Powder Coating - Black & White   (904) 724-2422   Harold Matthews
Sundance Sign Graphics - Black & White   (904) 287-4949   Kevin Colcord
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