As Palencia continues to grow, we wanted to remind members of our community to promote responsible attitudes towards pet ownership.  Pet owners are to police their own private property of pet waste in a timely manner.  When taking your pets for walks off of your property, please bring along some disposable bags to pick up any waste your pets may produce along the way.  The Marshall Creek CDD landscape team has installed several convenient Dogi-Pot Pet Waste Stations throughout Palencia, which have pet waste bags and receptacles for pet owners to use.

We also request and recommend not feeding any stray or feral cats or other wildlife, as they may become accustom to the feeding and become a neighborhood nuisance, destroying neighbors’ private property and potentially injuring neighbors or other pets.  Remove any pet food and water from outdoors.

If you are a cat owner, be responsible:

Obey your local pet control ordinances, and do not allow your cat to become someone else's nuisance. Recognize the impact that your pet may have on native wildlife and consider making your cat an indoor cat.  Indoor cats live longer, stay healthier, and do not kill native animals. Outdoor cats can be trained to be indoor cats and new pet cats should stay indoors right from the start.

NEVER intentionally release cats into the wild. Abandoning cats is inhumane, harms our native wildlife, and is against state law. 

- FL Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (http://myfwc.com/wildlifehabitats/nonnatives/mammals/feral-cats/ )

Additionally, we remind you that St. Johns Countyenforces a pet leash law ordinance.  County Ordinance 2012-34 (the Leash and Dangerous Law Ordinance for dogs and cats), which states it “was established with everyone's safety in mind. By keeping your pet on a leash, you protect your pet from traffic if it should suddenly dart away. You safeguard your pet from injury from passers by who felt your pet intended them harm and they act out defensively. You hopefully avoid a situation in which your pet may bite someone and then be deemed "dangerous."

If you have a pet that may be aggressive or a fear biter, by keeping them on a leash you prevent an incident. As stated above, a pet that bites may be deemed "dangerous." With this in mind, you can understand that the Animal Control Officers are also here to protect our citizens from harm. By enforcing the laws, they hope to prevent any citizen from being bitten or attacked by a dog or a cat, as well as safeguarding your pets.”

For further information on St. John’s County Division of Animal Control, or if you would like to inquire or report any pet related incidents, please contact them or the Sheriff’s Office directly:

St. Johns County Animal Control                                    St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office                .
Phone: (904) 209-0746                                                       Phone: (904) 824-8304 (non-emergency #)
Website: http://www.sjcfl.us/AnimalControl/index.aspx         Website:  http://www.sjso.org/ 

Also for your reference, links to the St. Johns County Ordinances are as follows:




            Ord. 2012-34 – Repeals, restates, and replaces Ord. 2001-19, Leash Law, and Ord. 2010-52, Dangerous Dog Law

            Ord. 1972‑6  - Strays, care of 

            Ord. 1979‑23 -Emergency - Dogs - amends Ord. 1979‑1      

ANIMALS (con’t)

            Ord. 1980-24 - Dog control – amended

            Ord. 1981‑62 – Emergency - Dog control ‑ amended

            Ord. 1984‑62 - Dog control

            Ord. 1988‑38 - Emergency - Dog control ‑ amend Ord. 1972‑6

            Ord.  1988‑42- Dog and Cat control ‑ countywide

            Ord. 1990‑59 - Amending Ord. 1988‑42

Ord. 1992‑1  - Amends Ord. 1988‑42, Dog & Cat Control

Ord. 1997-11 - Dangerous Dog   


            Ord. 2011-35 – Amends Ord. 1988-37, 1988-56, 1989-32, 1989-62, 1996-57, 1998-19; establishes regulations for the control of noise [SEE SECTION 5.K. Animals, page 5]

Also for your quick reference, please find the following excerpts from the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions for Palencia Residential Lots:



Section 5.15 Animals. Dogs shall be kept under control by each Owner at all times and leashed when outside the boundaries of the Owner's Lot. Animals shall be kept for the pleasure of Owners only and not for any commercial or breeding use or purposes. If, in the discretion of the Board, any animal shall become dangerous or an annoyance or nuisance to other Owners, or destructive of wildlife or property, such animal may not thereafter be kept on a Lot.  Further, in the event any group of animals shall collectively become dangerous or an annoyance or nuisance to other Owners, or destructive to wildlife or property, the Board shall have the right to require the applicable Owner to reduce the number of animals kept on the Lot, or to take such other remedial action as the Board shall specify.

Section 5.16 Maintenance of Lots and Limited Common Areas. No weeds, underbrush or other unsightly vegetation shall be permitted to grow or remain upon any Lot or Limited Common Area, and no refuse pile or unsightly objects shall be allowed to be placed or suffered to remain anywhere within the Property. All Lots and all portions of the Property and any improvements placed thereon, shall at all times be maintained in a neat and attractive condition and landscaping shall be maintained in a neat, attractive and orderly manner, including maintenance of grass, plants, plant beds, trees, turf, proper irrigation and lake edge maintenance, all in a manner with such frequency as is consistent with good property management. In order to implement effective control, the Association, its agents and assigns, shall have the right to enter upon any Lot for the purpose of mowing, pruning, removing, clearing, or cutting underbrush, weeds or other unsightly growth and trash which in the opinion of the Board distracts from the overall beauty and safety of the property in accordance with the provisions of Article V hereof. During construction upon any Lot, any and all vehicles involved in the construction or delivery of materials and supplies to the site shall enter and exit the site only over the driveway or driveway subsurface and shall not park on any roadway or any Property other than theLot on which construction is proceeding. During construction of the dwelling or other improvements, the Owner will be required to maintain hisLot in a clean condition, providing for trash and rubbish receptacles and disposal. Construction debris shall not be permitted to remain upon anyLot.

Thank you for making Palencia a cleaner, quieter, and safer place to live and walk!

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