July 9, 2014

Golf Carts Approved on Designated Roads within Palencia

Palencia / Marshall Creek Community Development District Residents,

As you may know Palencia / Marshall Creek Community Development District has received a letter from the St. Johns County Engineering Department, dated December 16, 2013, advising that the two loop roads within Palencia have been approved for Golf Cart Use! As a reminder please see below for rules and regulations regarding the safe operation of golf carts.

Be advised that this approval only pertains to the North Loop Parkway, South Loop Parkway and most of the roads that connect to those two loop roads, and does NOT permit golf carts to be driven on Palencia Village Drive, Ensenada Blvd, US-1, Shannon Road or Paseo Reyes Drive (carts are also not permitted on sidewalks or multi-use paths at any time).

Low Speed Vehicles (including golf carts with Florida license plates), as defined by Florida Statute 320.01(42), may operate on Palencia Village Drive in accordance with Florida Statute 316.2122. See Florida Statue links below:

Florida Statues 320.01(42) and 316.2122 (Low Speed Vehicles)

Please also be advised that St. Johns County (SJC) Ordinance 2010-48 provides for specific provisions that are required in order to operate golf carts on designated roads, which include, but are not limited to:

• Any driver of a golf cart must be at least 16 years of age and posses a valid driver's license. Just as with any other motor vehicle, an unlicensed driver cannot drive off from a Deputy. To operate the golf cart without a license is a crime (2nd Degree Misdemeanor, punishable by 2nd degree is UP to $500.00 fine and 60 days in jail) and if the parent allows an unlicensed person to drive their golf cart that is also a crime (2nd Degree Misdemeanor, punishable by 2nd degree is UP to $500.00 fine and 60 days in jail) on the parent/owner.
• Golf carts shall be equipped with efficient brakes, reliable steering, safe tires, a rearview mirror & red reflectorized warning devices in both the front and rear.
• Golf carts driven at night must also be equipped with headlights, brake lights, turn signals and a windshield.

This is only a partial listing...please review SJC Ordinance 2010-48 for the full requirements of operating a golf cart on designated roads:

SJC Ordinance 2010-48

St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office will enforce Ordinance 2010-48 and levy any and all traffic citations relating to the Ordinance directly to golf cart drivers operating a golf cart outside of the aforementioned Ordinance 2010-48.

Please note that golf carts are considered a motor vehicle and thus laws pertaining to the operation of a motor vehicle are applicable to the operation of a golf cart. Including but certainly not limited to Florida Statute 316.613 concerning child restraint requirements.

Florida Statues 316.613 (Child Restraint)

Please be advised that Florida Statutes Title XXIII Chapter 316 – 325 provides for specific provisions that are required in order to operate motor vehicles on designated roads. Please refer to the following web address for complete Uniform Traffic Code.

Should you have any questions reference this correspondence, please contact the Palencia Property Management Office at 904-810-0520.

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