Navigating the Palencia Roundabout

The subject of how to negotiate the traffic circle / roundabout here at Palencia has been a recent topic of discussion. Recently, the westbound Market Street connection to the traffic circle / roundabout was changed from a STOP sign to a YIELD sign, so all four (4) roadway connections are YEILD signs.

We would like to offer the following driving tips for maneuvering through a roundabout:

• Roundabouts are used at intersections to reduce conflicting traffic movements
• Traffic flows in a counterclockwise direction around the roundabout
• Entrances to roundabouts are typically controlled by YIELD signs
• Drivers approaching a roundabout are required to yield in response to vehicles already in the roundabout just like they would at any other intersection controlled by these signs
• Vehicles already in the roundabout have the right-of-way over vehicles approaching the roundabout on one of the entering roadways
• Since drivers approaching a roundabout must yield to vehicles already in the roundabout, they should reduce their speed as they approach in preparation for coming to a stop.
• Motorists should drive on the circulating roadway and not the brick apron adjacent to the circular island

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