Frequently Asked Questions
Palencia Ladies Group

  1. WHAT IS Palencia Ladies Day Out?
    PLDO is a community social group comprised up of ladies who enjoy exploring different points of interest in the St. Augustine/Jacksonville area.  This group provides a variety of activities to its members and is a way to make friends, especially for someone new to Palencia.  It's a "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" Group!
  2. How do I join PLDO?
    Contact Kathy Schutzman with your email address and phone number to have your name added to the roster.  Use the resident directory for contact info.
  3. How does PLDO select monthly outing destinations?
    Volunteers, AKA monthly coordinators, either working alone or with a partner, select an interesting activity and nearby restaurant for lunch.  Past activities have included visits to historic places, shopping trips, current exhibits, presentations, hands-on activities, tours, etc.  Because the group is so diverse, everyone brings her own interests to selecting activities, and we all make new discoveries, learning about places to go and things to do in the St. Augustine/Jacksonville area.  Many are experiences we might not have had but for PLDO.  If you would like to volunteer or have an idea for an outing, please contact Kathy Schutzman.
  4. If I volunteer to be a monthly coordinator what are my responsibilities?
    Coordinator responsibilities:
    a) Select an activity and find out the location, hours, costs, etc.  Check for group or senior rates.  Then provide Kathy with this information, she will who write the monthly postings for the activities.
    b) Select a restaurant near the event or activity and make an initial reservation.  Confirm the reservation with a final count a couple of days before the outing.
    c) Keep a list of participants and volunteers to drive by monitoring the website RSVP list.
    d) Handle questions and last minute details, as needed.
  5. How do I sign up for an outing?
    Go to the Palencia Site Calendar and open the PLDO event you want to attend on the monthly calendar; then click on the RSVP box.  Complete the reservation information as requested.  Indicate whether you are joining the group for the activity, lunch, or both.  This is also where you can volunteer to drive a carpool.  If you click on "Show Attendees" under the RSVP box, you can confirm that your name was added to the list of participants. 
  6. Is it possible to sign up for lunch only?
    When you RSVP, there is a place to indicate whether you will attend the activity, lunch, or both.  There is also a place to indicate if you are willing to drive a carpool.
  7. What do I do if I have to cancel?
    If you are unable to attend an outing after you submit your RSVP, simply go back to the event description via the "Resident Calendar' or PLDO "Schedule of Events."  Then click "UPDATE RSVP." This will allow you to cancel or make changes to your RSVP.  For cancellations the day of the outing, please contact Kathy Schutzman or the coordinator for the outing.  Use the resident directory for contact info.
  8. Is it possible to sign up for an outing after a deadline?
    For some outings it is possible to add your name to the list as late as the morning of the activity.  You can do this by contacting the outing coordinator for the month or Kathy Schutzman.  Use the resident directory for contact info.
  9. Is there a wait list once an outing is full?
    Yes.  Contact the outing coordinator for the month or Kathy Schutzman.  Use the resident directory for contact info.
  10. When do I pay for an outing?
    For most outings individuals pay at the activity.  We always ask for separate checks at restaurants.  A limited number of outings require prepayment to obtain a group rate or reserve places, i.e. Jacksonville Symphony Show House, Women's Exchange Luncheon, St. Johns Agricultural Holiday Centerpiece Workshop, etc. Prepayment information and deadline will be indicated on the monthly outing informational posting.
  11. What is the refund policy for prepayment?
    There are no refunds after the prepayment deadline.  However, those on the wait list will be contacted about purchasing your ticket.  If there is no wait list, an email alert about an opening will be sent to the PLDO email list.
  12. May I bring a friend or house guest?
    Friends, relatives, and house guests are welcome as space allows.  Be sure you include your friend/guest in your RSVP.  To add someone after you have completed an online RSVP, contact the outing coordinator for the month or Kathy Schutzman.  Use the resident directory for contact info.
  13. Is there a way to find out who is participating in an upcoming outing?
    Open the event on the monthly calendar; then click on "Show Attendees" under the RSVP box.  The most recent responders are at the top.  This is a good way to confirm that you are on the participant list.
  14. How can I view information about past outings?
    Go to the Palencia Website calendar.  Click on the PLDO activity for whatever past month you would like to view.
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