Marshall Creek CDD Meeting Summary

June 27, 2018 MCCDD and POA meeting

There was a special combined CDD and POA board meeting tonight to review the status of our evaluation of property management companies to replace Hines Palencia Property Management (HPPM) who will be leaving us in December after a dozen years running our operations.  We are looking for one company who can provide services for both boards so that residents with issues or questions can go to one place for resolution.

Acting either alone or in subgroups, POA and CDD board members have meet with nine companies and did reference checks or site visits with some of their customers.  Four were large national property management firms, two were companies that focused on FL communities, and three were local to the Jacksonville area.  All could manage properties like ours but we were looking for the best fit of capabilities, backup support, reputation, and cost with our specific needs.  After considerable discussion, it was decided to continue to work with Castle Group and FirstService-Residential.   Over the next month they will have a chance to work with HPPM and prepare specific proposals.

They will be asked to come to a late July combined board meeting to present their ideas and after that we will choose the one that best meets our needs.

On an unrelated topic, we have signed the contract for the pickleball courts and they should be completed in 60-70 days.  The splash pad at the family pool will have its’ grand opening next weekend (if we get all permits).  Food and beverage service at the pool has started and is going well.  Work on the boardwalk repair continues on schedule for a late August completion.  About the same time Publix opens. Livin’ the dream.

The qualification period is over for residents wishing to run for the three available Marshall Creek CDD board seats.  Since there is only one candidate for each seat, Kathy Moss will start her first 4 year term in November, Howard Entman will have a second term, and I will have a third term.  Kirk Kemmish will retire with great distinction after 8 years of service to the community.  The two available Sweetwater CDD seats will have competitive races.

June 13, 2018 MCCDD meeting

I attended the Marshall Creek CDD meeting with about 18 other residents in addition to the board.   

The sheriff’s deputies in May made 20 stops, issuing 13 verbal warnings, and 7 written warnings.  Most of the stops, as usual, were for stop sign violations or speeding but illegal parking showed up again as a problem as did careless driving and expired tags.

We continue to interview management companies to replace Hines Palencia Property Management which will leave us on December 1.

FL Power and Light is offering communities an opportunity to upgrade to LED street lights at no upfront cost.  We have 287 of their lampposts which they will upgrade for better lighting that will also reduce our monthly light bill by $152.   This is a great deal for us and addresses a long term problem of poor lighting on some streets but we need more information on what it would cost us to upgrade about 220 lampposts we own on streets, parks, and tennis courts to a similar standard.  We also discussed the need for residents to trim trees that are blocking streetlights, traffic signs, etc.

Progress continues on schedule on the boardwalk, should be completed by early Fall.  FEMA money has been coming in as planned with about $30,000 already in the bank, $33,000 coming momentarily, and $205,000 expected soon.  Pickleball is waiting for the contract to be signed and contractor availability.  Also should be done by Fall.  The splash pad replacement for the old kiddie pool is under construction and should be open by the end of June.

The board discussed a policy for alcohol at our facilities.  We have a food and beverage vendor who will sell beer and wine at the family pool but no one will be allowed to bring in any alcoholic beverages except for private parties with CDD pre-approval.

We tentatively approved a budget with a 4% increase ($88) in Operating and Maintenance fees for residents inside the gates and 6% ($114) for those outside the gates.  The final budget approval will be at our August CDD meeting.

It was pointed out by our attorneys that our website may not be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  It has to be user friendly for the visually impaired.  We will consider hiring a consultant to review our site for potential liability and remedial actions.

The next regular MCCDD meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 18, at 4:00 P.M.   

The official minutes of both Marshall Creek CDD and POA meetings are on the PalenciaOnline.com website.

Best regards,

Howard Hoffman

Legal disclaimer:  Although the CDD’s lawyers would prefer I didn’t distribute notes at all, they have agreed it probably doesn’t violate FL Sunshine laws if everyone knows these are for informational use only, have nothing to do with any business before the board either now or in the future, and are not in response to or represent the opinions of other supervisors. My notes are not official minutes, sanctioned by anybody, comprehensive, approved, authorized, endorsed, ratified, affirmed, validated, fact-checked, attested to, or vouched for.  The decisions made by this board only involve the Marshall Creek CDD residents, Sweetwater is a totally separate community and has its own board.

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