March Gardening Tips

What can I plant now?
Bedding Plants: Dianthus, pansy, viola, and dusty miller
 are all flowers that will give you yard and garden lots of color in the cooler months.  At the end of March, you can begin to plant warm weather flowers such as angelonia, wax begonia, and zinnia.  To learn more about planting annuals, click Here.

Herbs: Edible ginger can be planted in March.  Click Here to learn more about planting herbs.

Bulbs: Dahlia, canna, and gloriosa bulbs can be planted now.  Stakes can help provide support for bulbs if needed. Give them lots of water when they are first planted.  Click Here to learn more about planting bulbs in your garden. 

Vegetables: Beans, tomatoes, squash, and corn can be planted now for warm weather growth. Click Here to learn more about planting vegetables.

What maintenance is required this month?

Azaleas:  After azaleas have blossomed, prune them back so they don't get too large and will give them more shape. Click Here to learn more about azaleas.

Shrubs & Trees: When shrubs and trees begin to grow again, prune them to improve their shape and control their size.  Click Here  to learn more about pruning shrubs and trees.

Palms & Shrubs:  Now is a good time to fertilize palms azaleas, camellias, and other ornamental shrubs if needed.  Click Here to learn more about pruning palms.  Click Here to learn about fertilizing your landscape.

Irrigation of Lawns:  Check sprinkler heads to ensure that they are all working properly.  Click Here to learn more about watering your lawn.

Always good to...
Trim St. Augustine grass at 3-4" high  
Deadhead flowers to promote growth
Check your irrigation system to ensure plants receive enough water

For more information on lawn tips, please visit http://solutionsforyourlife.ufl.edu/lawn_and_garden/

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