Palencia Elementary School News 

Grade Level supply lists are available!  Click Here to view what your child will need to start the year off right.

Volunteer Application - If you're interested in volunteering at Palencia Elementary, click Here to fill out the volunteer form.

To learn more about Palencia Elementary, visit their website at http://www-pes.stjohns.k12.fl.us/ or the PTO website at http://palenciaelementarypto.weebly.com/

Palencia Elementary -  ART ITEMS NEEDED:

• aluminum foil (for sculpture)
• plastic Chinese takeout containers w/ lids
• clear packing tape
• colorful duct tape/masking tape
• sponges
• wash cloths/towels
• stickers
• coffee containers
• brown paper bags
• metal cookie trays
• cookie cutters
• used blender
• heat gun
• mat board scraps
• hand held mirrors/plastic mirrors for portrait drawing
• ribbon/fabric
• q-tips
• salt
• Cool Whip or other plastic containers with lids (washed please)
• plastic wrap
• wood scraps (unusual shapes)
• egg cartons
• cardstock
• wallpaper samples
• cardboard tubes/cardboard pieces
• shoe boxes
• old digital cameras
• scrapbook paper
• wire coat hangers
• used iron
• feathers
• environmental wipes
• towels
• Styrofoam vegetable trays(not meat trays please)

I'm sure she'd love to have as much community donation as possible since we have more than 500 students working on projects this year!!! I've just put my items in a bag labeled "Art Class Recycleable Donations--Ms. Wardley" and dropped them off at the front office. They will deliver them to Ms. Wardley sometime that day

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