Marshall Creek CDD Meeting Summary

January 17, 2018 MCCDD meeting

I attended the Marshall Creek CDD meeting with about 31 other residents in addition to the board.   

The sheriff’s deputies in November and December made 48 stops, issuing 24 verbal warnings and 21 written warnings, and 3 tickets.  Most of the stops, as usual, were for stop sign violations or speeding but 7 were for parking violations.

Unfortunately, vandalism of mailboxes and a house robbery on Corbata have become issues.  It may be related to people coming in through or over the fences between Palencia and other communities on the south side.  The fences behind individual homes are the property and responsibility of the homeowners but the ones on CDD property are obviously community concerns.  We discussed ways to make it harder to breach but it is difficult to deter a motivated troublemaker and we don’t want to just encourage them to go through a resident’s property.  We have, however, repaired a couple of CDD fences and will consider other options.  Residents with fences in need of repair will be asked to fix them.  The county, by the way, restricts fences on residential property to six feet. 

Reportedly the mail bandit, a non-resident adult, was nabbed and most of the purloined mail recovered.  If think you had mail stolen, please contact federal agent Christopher J. Martin, 904.858.7111cjmartin@uspis.gov.  The burglar on Corbata reportedly was also identified.

We have installed two electronic speed limit signs, one on Oak Common and one on North Loop.  These will be moved periodically to other locations to remind speeders to slow down.  Of course, they probably already know they are speeding but we do what we can.  Data from the signs recorded about 8,500 cars passed our sign on Oak Common between December 18, and January 14, averaging about 21 mph, below the speed limit of 25 mph, but the peak for the month was 42 mph.   On North Loop during the same period about 11,100 cars passed the sign, averaging about 25 mph, below the 30 mph limit but the peak was 53 mph.

After almost a decade of planning and construction, the maintenance building is near completion.  We are planning a grand opening for residents to see it in the next couple of months.

We are still working out technicalities in our transition to the new guard company and will be installing a remote system at the South Loop and the Las Calinas gates for visitor entry during the graveyard shift.  So far, we have heard many positive reports of the guards’ professionalism and friendliness, with only one rather colorful exception that I am aware of. 

The tree lighting was well attended and hugely popular.  Great job Erin and staff.  The new holiday decorations at the entrance were also a huge success.  Thanks Helen.

We have received official notification of “obligated” funds from FEMA for $613,406 for boardwalk repairs due to Matthew. We expect to receive additional funds from FL for Matthew damage and for Erma damage from both FEMA and FL.  We will, however, have to pay for the repairs up front and get reimbursed.  The total repair could be $1.2 million.  Fortunately we have adequate funds in a reserve account.  Request for bids has been sent out and ideally we will have quotes to review at the next meeting. 

We discussed a potential long range (3 year or so) plan for Palencia amenities.  We have not added any new amenities for some time and we want to continue to be an attractive alternative to Nocatee, World Golf Village, Markland, etc.  Erin’s surveys have identified several possible investments we could make.  (1) Dog park – we have no suitable land and but the Lennar Sweetwater CDD may have space.   The ball is in their court.  (2) Cart path to Publix – we have asked our engineer to evaluate practicality.  (3)  Pave Regalo Road aka Shannon – it is county land and they have been less than enthusiastic but, for no discernable reason, hope springs eternal.  (4) Pickle ball/junior tennis courts – this could benefit a relatively large group of residents and has already been researched.  Builder(s) will be contacted to determine if it is economically justifiable.  (5) Splash park at family pool – we will contact builders for quotes.  (6) More seating (cabanas?) at family pool – Erin is looking into options.  (7)  Renovate family pool building – currently this building is underutilized and could be enhanced to be an attractive community center.  Erin is developing a plan.  (8) Replace the streetlight bulbs with higher intensity and more efficient (LED) ones.  We have installed two new street light fixtures at the intersection of Palencia Village Drive and Paseo Reyes as a demo. The LED light source is in the cap so 100% of the light generated is downward onto the street compared to our existing fixtures which direct most of the light outwards.  We can’t do all of these projects simultaneously but we have adequate funds in our reserve account ($1.8 million) to do several of them over the next couple of years without significant increases in CDD O & M fees.  There was an agreement to upgrade the pool food service facility and seek quotes from builders of tennis courts and splash pools with the expectation that one or both could be done by summer.

The Sweetwater CDD has asked that we consider contracting with them to perform their landscape maintenance.  This could be an advantage for both of us by building a closer working relationship with them, having a consistent quality of landscaping throughout the entire community, and sharing our overhead expenses.  It appears that while we believe we could do a much better job than third parties, they might work cheaper.  We plan to bid on the job when Sweetwater sends out a formal request for bids.

We had about 400 responses to the amenities survey Erin conducted in October and the results will soon be available on the Palenciaonline.com website.  Thanks to everyone who responded.  The results have been helpful in setting policies and priorities.

There was a somewhat spirited discussion of communications from the CDD and POA boards and residents were reminded that we do send out e-blasts with timely information, we publish official minutes on the PalenciaOnLine .com website, and I send out these notes to anyone that wants them.  The best way, of course, to stay updated is to attend meetings.

The next CDD meeting scheduled for Wednesday, February 21, at 4:00 P.M.

The next POA meeting is next Wednesday, January 24, also at 4:00 p.m.   Due to a resignation, they will be appointing a new board member to join Howard Entman (chair), Bob Stevens, Laurelle Zamparelli, and Rich Luciano.

The official minutes of both Marshall Creek CDD and POA meetings are on the PalenciaOnline.com website.

Best regards,

Howard Hoffman

Legal disclaimer:  Although the CDD’s lawyers would prefer I didn’t distribute notes at all, they have agreed it probably doesn’t violate FL Sunshine laws if everyone knows these are for informational use only, have nothing to do with any business before the board either now or in the future, and are not in response to or represent the opinions of other supervisors. My notes are not official minutes, sanctioned by anybody, comprehensive, approved, authorized, endorsed, ratified, affirmed, validated, fact-checked, attested to, or vouched for.  The decisions made by this board only involve the Marshall Creek CDD residents, Sweetwater is a totally separate community and has its’ own board.

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