Marshall Creek CDD Meeting Summary

July 19, 2017 MCCDD meeting

I attended the Marshall Creek CDD meeting with about 10 other residents in addition to the board.   

In June the sheriff’s deputies made 37 stops, issuing 23 verbal warnings, 12 written warnings, 1 ticket, and 1 arrest (possession of marijuana and pills).  As usual, most were traffic related (27), but also parking violations (5), kids in golf carts (4), and the drug bust.   

We are continuing the process of setting the budget for the 2018 Fiscal Year.  Residents will be notified that fees are proposed to increase from $2,112 to $2,204 ($92) for people behind the gates and from $1,770 to $1,846 ($76) for people outside the gates. This includes about $50 that is a transfer of costs from the POA to the CDD which should be offset by a decrease in their fees, an increase in security, increased landscaping manpower and street sweeping, and some money to repair and insure the boardwalk.   The final vote on the budget will be at the August 23 meeting.

We have verbal agreement with the bondholders of the Series 2002 bonds to accept a lower interest rate. The interest rate would drop from 6.62% to 5.0% on about $12 million in bonds.  Retaining the savings in the CDD instead of rebating it to residents is consistent with what we did with the re-fi in 2014 for the Series 2000 bonds and will provide the CDD with a $51,141 annuity starting in 2018 to help offset expenses for the next 15 years.

Progress on both the maintenance building and the boardwalk repair is excruciatingly slow.  The maintenance building has been held up by electrical right of way issues and the subcontractors being sent to other projects while we sort out the problems.  The boardwalk is tied up in FEMA bureaucracy and finding pier repair contractors to do the work. 

MCCDD supervisor Kirk Kemmish presented a petition with 1,075 signatures to the county commissioners yesterday asking them to pave the old Shannon (aka Regalo) Road behind the school.  Hard to gauge their level of interest but at least it is on their list of future projects.  They have agreed to another meeting to review engineering requirements.

The next CDD meeting is Wednesday, August 23, at 4:00 p.m. 

The next POA meeting is next Wednesday, July 26, at 4:00 p.m. 

The official minutes of both Marshall Creek CDD and POA meetings are on the PalenciaOnline.com website.

FYI.  The consent order to Rescind the public access easement on Pine Island Fish Camp property was officially approved by St Johns County at yesterday's commission meeting. There is no easement, no public access and no parking on the property.  The docks and boat ramp are private property and are posted as such. This information is of public record and may be found in yesterday's commission meeting notes. 

Best regards

Howard Hoffman

Legal disclaimer:  Although the CDD’s lawyers would prefer I didn’t distribute notes at all, they have agreed it probably doesn’t violate FL Sunshine laws if everyone knows these are for informational use only, have nothing to do with any business before the board either now or in the future, and are not in response to or represent the opinions of other supervisors. My notes are not official minutes, sanctioned by anybody, comprehensive, approved, authorized, endorsed, ratified, affirmed, validated, fact-checked, attested to, or vouched for.  The decisions made by this board only involve the Marshall Creek CDD residents, Sweetwater is a totally separate community and has its’ own board.

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