Marshall Creek CDD Meeting Summary

November 15, 2017 MCCDD meeting

I attended the Marshall Creek CDD meeting with about 18 other residents in addition to the board.

The sheriff’s deputies in October made 14 stops, issuing 8 verbal warnings and 6 written warnings. Most of the stops this month were for stop sign violations or speeding but one was for an adult in a golf cart on the sidewalk.

Progress continues on the maintenance building, scheduled to be complete in Q1 2018, and the switch to the new security company, which occurred November 1. So far the transition has gone well. We should get new lighted gate arms soon.

The Sweetwater CDD has asked that we consider contracting with them to perform their landscape maintenance. This could be an advantage for both of us by building a closer working relationship with them, having a consistent quality of landscaping throughout the entire community, and sharing our overhead expenses. It is being evaluated.

We did discuss what constitutes inappropriate behavior toward our employees and agreed to notify one resident that they would lose amenity privileges for 30 days for verbal abuse and profanity directed at CDD employees.

Erin is conducting an email survey to the community about amenities, satisfaction with the CDD activities, the state of the world, etc. If you haven’t responded, please do so by going to the PalenciaOnline.com website by November 20. (This reminder was also sent out yesterday on the community e-blast system. If you did not get it and want to be on the distribution for community news releases please contact the property management office.)

The next CDD meeting scheduled for Wednesday, December 13, at 4:00 P.M. It may be cancelled if there is no pressing business.

The next POA meeting is December 6, at 5:00 p.m. This meeting will be important for several reasons and hopefully there will be a huge turnout. (1) It is the annual meeting where they approve a budget for next year and seat new directors. (2) Recognition of the contributions of Walter O’Shea. Walter, as a representative of the developer, Marshall Creek Partners (aka Hines), has been on both the POA and CDD boards starting in 2001. In December the POA will be entirely resident controlled, as the CDD is now.

The official minutes of both Marshall Creek CDD and POA meetings are on the PalenciaOnline.com website.

FYI. The golf club management, Hampton Golf, has sent out another email to members about their new membership policy. It is still a little vague but as I understand it, when and if the club has a full golf membership (about 400 full golf members) they will create a waiting list. Priority on the waiting list will be given to buyers of existing homes from members and buyers of new construction and finally, no guarantees, but if there is any space left it would be available to anyone else. Presumably they will be sending something out to non-members so they can consider the option to sign up for one of the membership options, including the $50/month “sustaining membership”, before a Feb 1, 2018 deadline. Of course, I could be wrong. You can undoubtedly get a better explanation by calling Michele Oliver at 599-9040.

Another FYI. Anyone interested in a playing pickle ball, seeing a demonstration, or getting instruction can go to the tennis courts at 6:00 on Mondays. No previous experience or equipment is necessary.

Happy Thanksgiving

Howard Hoffman

Legal disclaimer:  Although the CDD’s lawyers would prefer I didn’t distribute notes at all, they have agreed it probably doesn’t violate FL Sunshine laws if everyone knows these are for informational use only, have nothing to do with any business before the board either now or in the future, and are not in response to or represent the opinions of other supervisors. My notes are not official minutes, sanctioned by anybody, comprehensive, approved, authorized, endorsed, ratified, affirmed, validated, fact-checked, attested to, or vouched for.  The decisions made by this board only involve the Marshall Creek CDD residents, Sweetwater is a totally separate community and has its’ own board.

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