Pirate Ship Park & Athletic Fields

The popular Pirate Ship Park showcases the playground and athletic fields. The covered Pavilion is a great place for parties and casual gatherings.  The Athletic Park Facilities include basketball courts, softball and soccer fields.

The St. Johns County Parks & Recreation Department manages the facility and handles scheduling for leagues, private parties and community activities. Their website is as follows, with the Palencia Park listed under Northeast Parks, and the Parks contact person listed at the bottom of the webpage:

Check the above website for reservation information and other information concerning the Palencia Athletic park property and park improvements by St. Johns. County Contact the St. Johns County Parks Recreation Department at 904 471-6616.

Palencia's Athletic Park Dedication to St. Johns County 
In August of 2005, the Marshall Creek Community Development District dedicated thePalencia Athletic Park to St. Johns County. Below is an open letter to the community concerning the park dedication and general information.    

Dear Palencia Residents:
On behalf of the Marshall Creek Community Development District (MCCDD) and Marshall Creek, Ltd (MCL), we would like to invite you to the Palencia Athletic Park Dedication Ceremony. During the dedication ceremony, MCCDD and MCL will formally transition ownership of the Palencia Athletic Park property and park improvements to St. Johns County. In conjunction with this invitation, we thought it was appropriate to provide residents of the MCCDD with some background information regarding our requirements to dedicate the park property and improvements to the County as well as information regarding future operations of the athletic fields and pavilion/playground area.  MCCDD and MCL have been granted the right to develop Palencia by St. Johns County in accordance with an overriding approval document called the Marshall Creek DRI Development Order. This Development Order outlines all of the development rights available to MCCDD and MCL as well as obligations that MCCDD and MCL must fulfill in order to commence and proceed with the development of the community. Section 34-A of the Development Order obligates Marshall Creek, Ltd. to construct community park improvements on a parcel of land no less than 10 acres and following completion of such but prior to the end of Phase 1 of the Development Order, dedicate both the property and improvements to St. Johns County.  In anticipation of this dedication, MCCDD has been working with St. Johns County over the last several years to facilitate the County’s use of the athletic park until such time as the property was formally deeded to St. Johns County with several baseball and soccer teams regularly using the facilities during their respective seasons.  Based on discussions that we have had with St. Johns County Parks & Recreation Department, we understand that on-going operations of the athletic park will effectively continue as currently managed:

1. All the athletic park facilities including the playground and pavilion will be available for use of Palencia residents and the general public in accordance with the rules of operation posted at the park.

2. St Johns County Parks & Recreation Department will continue to schedule and coordinate use of the athletic fields.  If you would like more information regarding the use of the athletic fields for team practices or games, please contact St. Johns County Parks & Recreation Department at (904) 209-0333.

3. St Johns County Parks & Recreation Department will schedule and coordinate use of the playground and picnic facility for parties and private functions, etc. Please be advised; however, although the pavilion area can be reserved for such uses, the County nor the MCCDD cannot deny other members of the general public from use of the playground area or athletic fields during a scheduled event.

4. St. Johns County Parks & Recreation Department will have primary responsibility for the maintenance of the athletic fields, pavilion areas, restroom facilities, playground equipment and parking area within the athletic park.  However, MCCDD will be able to provide supplemental maintenance to ensure that the maintenance standards of the athletic park facilities are on par with those established for the balance of Palencia.

In the event that you have any questions regarding the dedication of the athletic park or the plans for on-going operations, please feel free to contact the Palencia Property Manager at (904) 810-0520.

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